Score Entry

Score entry in our new system is a very simple process.

Open your web browser and visit The URL is a bit long, so you may want to simply bookmark the page after your first visit to make it more convenient. That URL will take you to the sign-in screen for the Bonzi Club and League Administrative Console:

Login using your local host site's credentials. If you do not know your host site's username or password, contact your club administration or contact us at We will need to verify your identity and confirm your position with your host club before giving you access to the site.

You will be taken to the main Bonzi Club & League management screen.

Most of the menus and buttons at the top of the screen are grey and not clickable; the score entry accounts have very little security access. You'll want to access the folder structure on the left side of the page. The main folder will always have the name of the current seaosn of play; in this case, Spring 2017. The subfolders below it represent the registered age levels of the teams participating in the league during that season. (NOTE: These folder do not represent the brackets that teams are playing in during any given season. For example, in the spring of 2017 we had 1 U19 bosy team playing in a combined U18/19 Boys bracket with 5 U18 boys teams. You enter scores by identfying the teams that played by their registration level, not by their league competitive bracket.)

Let's say I'm the host site score entry person for Rock Island. On April 1, 2017 Rock Island hosted a match between the EISA U10 Storm and the BSA Cheetahs Blue.

First we click to expand the U10 folder, then the subfolder marked "Girls."

Click on the name of one of the participating teams. We'll click on the EISA U10 Storm. The right side of the screen will change, and the main information panels for the U10 Storm team will appear:

The section on the upper right is basic team information; it's not relevant to game scores.

The next section down include s a link to the BonziTeam console for this team; the features and management of BonziTeam are the subject of a different video tutorial.

During the Fall 2017 and beyond, roster information will appear here that names the coaches and players on the team roster. During the soft rollout on Spring 2017 this area will be blank except for the name of one of the team coaches.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, revealing schedule information for this team:

The first game listed is the game we want to enter scores for - the game from April 1st. Each row confirms the date, time, opponent, location, and season. In the far right column you will see one of three combinations of links.

  • If the game is in the future the only link shown will say Game Day Rosters. That is not relevant to our score entry today, so iiot won't be explored here.
  • If the game is either today or in the past, either Scorecard or Scorecard and Game Day Rosters will be displayed. Scorecard will be displayed for all games scheduled in the past; the link named Game Day Rosters will only appear for a game in the past until you confirm a score for the game, after which the only link will be for the Scorecard.

Click on Scorecard. This will take you to a scorecard data entry screen:

Enter the scores for each team in the appropriate boxes. After the league negins tracking yellow and red cards as a part of score entry, you'll also use this screen to enter the number of yellow and red cards, in addition to attaching them to a player's record. For now, though, we're just entering scores.

Just below the score entry area is a button marked Submit Scorecard. After you click on that button, the system will confirm your submission of a score:

The above message will disappear whether you click OK or not in less than five seconds.

And that's it! You can clik into the scorecard again to verify if you'd like, because there's no immediate visual confirmation that a game score has been entered accurately. Move on to your next game, and when you're done for that session simply log out from the main menu.

Thank you for your support of youth athletics. Have a great season! Direct any questions to or a member of the executive committee.