Recruiting and Roster Tampering

At certain points in the year the league inevitably responds to inquiries regarding potential violations of rules regarding recruitment and/or inducements. This primarily happens in the Quad Cities Area as a part of the patterns of interaction between city-based traditional clubs and other independent clubs operating in the same geographic area. Although this material is included in the league rules, if you have a concern about recrutiing violations please review the following.

Illowa's rules state:

RECRUITING: Parents and coaches should be aware of the policy so that they (1) do not cause a child to violate it, and (2) in the event of harassment by potential offenders they have recourse. Parents and coaches should be encouraged to report any such incidents to the league authorities.

Any player desiring to be free of registration obligations before the end of a seasonal year must obtain a written release from the team with which the player is currently registered. Such release may only be withheld if a violation of this policy has occurred.

No officer, director, coach, player, booster, employee or representative of any such person or of a club or team shall, within the Registration Period (from date player signs a registration form until the team has played the last match of the seasonal year - August 1- July 31), without the written permission from that player's team: a)interfere or attempt to interfere with the registration of an IYSL player presently registered with another club or team, or b) discuss future registration (beyond the current season) with an IYSL player presently registered, or c) practice any soccer related activity with any IYSL player of another team or club for the purpose of recruiting or evaluation.

OPEN TRYOUTS: It is the right of every player to be free to choose which team that player want to play on without fear of intimidation or repercussion from any source. It is in this spirit that the IYSL permits an exception to the policy by not requiring a player, registered with another team or club, to have written permission to participate in an open tryout for the following seasonal year. Such tryouts for the current seasonal year will still require written permission for the players of their registered teams to participate.

  1. Players playing on a team outside of your club cannot be contacted while in season.
  2. This means that you can neither specifically invite, nor give results to a player who attends your tryouts from another club - until after the end of season.

INDUCEMENTS: No officer, director, coach, player, booster, employee or representative of any such person or club or team, may offer any player, IYSL registered or not, at any time, any inducement in an attempt to recruit a player to play on any team, for any purpose or reason. Inducements that would be considered unethical, and therefore a violation of this policy, would include, but are not necessarily limited to: Free or discounted travel costs, cash, bonuses, high school or college scholarships, equipment, etc.


  • EVERY CLUB, whether geographically based or independent, can advertise tryouts generally and CAN advertise those tryouts before the end of a given season. That would include, for example, a general announcement on social media, a newspaper ad, or bulk and undirected distribution of flyers.
  • NO CLUB, whether geographically based or independent, should be contacting individual players regarding tryouts or future roster formation. That would include directed invitations on social media to the families of specific players, handing individual invitations to tryouts to specific players, etc.
  • TRYOUTS AND PRACTICES SHOULD BE SCHEDULED AFTER THE CONCLUSION OF THE REGULAR SEASON. The Spring 2018 season ends the weekend of June 2/3, so tryouts may take place after those dates.

IYSA, the Illinois state youth soccer organization, no longer has statewide rules regarding recruiting. Act honorably and in good faith, contact organizations directly and address your concerns like adults, and, if necessary, contact an Illowa executive in cases where you believe your disputes to be unresolvable.