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Fall 2018 Season Dates
Jun 14 Registration Opens
Jul 18 Fall League Meeting
Jul 21 Registration Closes
Jul 29 Scheduling Meetings
Aug 25-26 Games
Sep 1-2 No Games
Sep 8-9 Games
Sep 15-16 Games
Sep 22-23 Games
Sep 29-30 Games
Oct 6-7 Games
Oct 13-14 No Games
Oct 20-21 Games
Oct 27-28 Games
Fall 2018 League Fees
Posted Feb 28, 2017

U8 (4x4) $12/game
U9 (7v7) $48/game
U10 (7v7) $48/game
U11 (9v9) $55/game
U12 (9v9) $55/game
U13 (11v11) $62/game
U14 (11v11) $62/game
U15 (11v11) $67/game
U16 (11v11) $67/game
U17 (11v11) $72/game
U18 (11v11) $72/game
U19 (11v11) $72/game

Illowa Winter Meeting

Winter meeting scheduled for January 12th

If you are a representative for your club, please attend the Illowa winter meeting.

Date: Saturday January 12th
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: Moline Public Library

If you have any agenda items you would like to have included, please e-mail your suggestions to to Kelly Sanchez, Illowa Secretary.

Attendance at these meetings is crucial as you, the members, are the people who vote and approve certain topics, rules and other issues that arise during the season. Failure to have enough voting members at the meetings leaves things unresolved.

If you are unable to attend, please notify Kelly Sanchez as soon as possible at 309-235-5725, or email at

Kelly Sanchez
Illowa Secretary

Club name and contact information

Please notify the Illowa executives if any of the information listed for your club is inaccurate. Your club representatives have been given the security access to make those changes themselves, but since those types of updates are not made frequently we understand that some have forgotten how, and we'd be happy to help. If any of the information for your club (name, address, contacts, field location, etc.) has changed, please contact and we'll update the information for you as quickly as possible.

Welcome to Our On-Line Home!
Posted Mar 27, 2017

Illowa Youth Soccer is a competitive youth soccer league operating in western Illinois and Eastern Iowa.  We have been providing youth soccer players in the Quad Cities region with a fun, safe, and highly competitive environment for over 25 years.  Stay tuned for announcements and informative postings about how the new site works and how you can leverage some of our new systems (direct-to-your-team communications, etc.) to help your club and the players in it maximize their fun and personal growth.  We're still under construction, but feel free to browse the site and contact us with any feedback about how we can improve the experience for you!  Have a great season!

Want to stay up-to-date on the latest information and news from Illowa Youth Soccer?

We welcome you to join the Illowa e-Mailing list. Our current web management system allows us to contact coaches and other members directly through the website, but not individuals who are friends of the league but not connected to currently active teams. Just provide an email address, click on the button below. The system will send you a confirmation email, and you'll be all set to receive information about league meetings, policy changes, and other significant announcements. Your information will not be passed on or sold to anyone, and you won't be signing up for a flood of emails - just the few informational emails we send out throughout the year.

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Illinois Youth Soccer Mandates US Soccer Heading Ban:
Posted Mar 27, 2017

Effective immediately, in accord with US Soccer, Illinois Youth Soccer has banned heading for players on U8/U9/U10 and U11 teams for all Illinois Youth Soccer activities including but not limited to Illinois Youth Soccer Member League play, practices and tournaments.

A purposeful header by a player in an age bracket for players on teams in one of these brackets shall be considered an indirect free kick awarded to the opponent.