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Fees for the Fall 2014 Season

Age Group 4 Games 6 Games
U8 (6x6 - small field) $150 $225
U9 (6x6 - small field) $150 $225
U10 (8x8 - medium field) $188 $282
U11 (8x8 - medium field) $188 $282
U12 (8x8 - medium field) $213 $319
U13 (11x11 - large field) $60 per game
U14 (11x11 - large field) $60 per game
U15 (11x11 - large field) $65 per game
U16 (11x11 - large field) $65 per game
U17 (11x11 - large field) $70 per game
U18 (11x11 - large field) $70 per game





    Calendar for the Spring 2015 Season:


    Check it out!
    Chicago Red Stars women's professional soccer club 2014 schdule

  • Guest player rule revised

    1. Guest player cannot play up more than 2 years

    2. Any guest player cannot play more than 2 games per day (including their regular team)

    3. No notification needed to Illowa VP (although it would be proper etiquette to let the other coach know at the game)

    4. Must have player card present before game

    5. Players need to be from your club 

    6. Girls may guest on boys teams, but boys cannot guest on girls teams

    7. You may now guest so total roster at game time can reach max allowed on team (not recommended, but available)

  • Fan / parent viewing areas
      not behind net, corners, or player side
      please pass this onto to every coach and parents.

  • Rules changes: League rules revised - Please review and also advise your team they are not allowed to warm up in the box area of any field. For a complete list of the rules click here

  • For all other recent news please review the announcements tab.

  • Pets and Smoking Policy - Pease check with each of the complexes individually on these policy's. East Moline, Moline, and BSA do not allow Pets or Smoking at the complex.

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